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ASM’s Air Conditioning Consultation Services


commercial air conditioning consultation serviceAll Systems Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Company provides free bids on all future projects, but did you know that we also provide professional air conditioning consultation services?

If your project has hit a speed bump, or you just aren’t sure that what your contractor is
telling you sounds quite right, save money and hire one of our highly experienced technicians to visit your job-site, or utilize our online consultation services to give you an honest, professional evaluation.

With decades of experience, ASM has the technicians, tools and expertise
to get your project up and running again, regardless of size.  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for contractors to wait around or charge you pricey change-fees.  Call us, and we will have one of our most experienced commercial or residential air conditioning technicians help get you going again.

What Can a Custom Air Conditioning Consultation Do For You?

Our air conditioning consultation service is custom-tailored to the needs of you and your HVAC project.  No canned answers – just custom consultations for your individual project needs.  Save money, and hire one of our technicians for an hour or two to inspect your house or system for wear and tear, to make repair recommendations or even make a mid-project recommendation – something very few HVAC contractors in the industry are willing or qualified to do.  Not in our area?  Not a problem!  We offer online consultations as well – just email us your concerns and we will prepare a professional consultation report.

Our air conditioning consultation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional Manual-J Load Calculations
  • Online Price Estimations (are you paying too much?)
  • Commercial HVAC System Evaluations
  • Residential Air Conditioning and Heating Evaluations
  • Pre-Project and Mid-Project Consultations
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Custom Requests


Professional Air Conditioning Consultation Pricing:online air conditioning consultation service

$125 / Hour

The best part is – if you decide to utilize our services for your installation, the price of your consultation will be deducted from your final invoice.

Professional Air Conditioning Consultation – How It Works

It’s simple:

Step 1: Decide

  • Do you want an in-person, job site visit from a professional technician?
  • Or would you prefer to do your consultation online?

Wondering if you are in our service area for an in-person visit?  Take a look – ASM’s Service Area

Step 2: Contact Us

  • Southern California Residents: Utilize our online air conditioning consultation services or opt to have one of our highly experienced HVAC technicians visit your job site in-person for the same price.  Give us a call, and we’ll do the rest:


  • Not in Los Angeles?  Utilize our online consultation services to make sure your project gets back on the right track.  For online air conditioning consultations, e-mail us at:

commercial air conditioning consultationStep 3: Just wait!

  • An experienced ASM air conditioning technician will be contacting your shortly to ask you for clarification on your project, along with project expectations and other critical information (square footage, stories, etc.)
  • Once we receive your project information, we will give you an estimated consultation time (typically no more than an hour) and prepare a professional report for you outlining our honest opinions and recommendations.

Save yourself time, money and frustration.  Hire an honest, experienced professional to analyze your most challenging air conditioning project.

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