HVAC Design & Consultation Program
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HVAC Design & Consultation Program


Know What Contractors Know

An informative furnace and air conditioner installation program designed to save you money. Get what you need to work confidently with your contractor. You will receive a comprehensive 12 page report packed with information to assist you with your HVAC project.  There are three program access plans to choose from: Silver 3 day access, Gold 7 day access and Platinum 30 day access.  Please select one below.

HVAC Program Access Plan Choices

This option allows customers three days of full access to our revolutionary HVAC Design & Consultation Program and all of its features, including, but not limited to: viewing the contractor wholesale prices for furnaces and air conditioners from all major brands, fair installation prices, a full price breakdown of labor, materials, and equipment, recommended SEER and AFUE values, recommended unit sizing, and more. Are you paying too much for your new installation?

Our most popular option, this allows customers to take their time as they go through the research process, and decide which unit is best for them and their project. It grants 7-day access to our HVAC Design & Consultation Program, and all of its features. So, take a break, and do some serious research for your upcoming HVAC project.

Are you a pro, or do you just like to take your time? This option is best for customers who need more time, are building their own house, or for contractors who use the program to help bid jobs at fair prices. It grants access to our HVAC Design & Consultation Program for a full 30-days, and all of its features.


Get The Knowledge You Need!

You are looking for a new air conditioner, furnace or both. Sites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor are great at helping you find local contractors. But how do you know what contractors are telling you is actually true? Are they offering a fair price in their bid or overcharging you?

Just as you wouldn’t buy a new car without going to Kelly Blue Book or Carfax to get valuable information and see what a fair price should be, the same can be said of buying a new furnace or air conditioner. That’s what this program will do for you. It gives you the knowledge you should have to work with contractors.

Our exclusive HVAC Design and Consultation Program is designed, developed, and operated by U.S. Veterans skilled in the HVAC trade. It will help you accept or reject bids with confidence, and provide you with the information that contractors already know. This program doesn’t work for contractors, it works for you… putting you in the driver’s seat.

See How The Program Design Will Benefit You

This is an interactive smart-program that will walk you through a few easy-to-understand questions that are custom-tailored to your specific project. It will then continue to ask you additional easy questions until it has the information necessary to calculate a fair price for your new installation and more. This program saves you money, and will give you the information you need to choose the right contractor, and avoid paying too much.

It’s fun, easy to use, and will take you no more than 15-minutes to finish. Upon completion, we will provide you with a comprehensive final report that is written in easy to understand terms. It will include all of the insider-information you’ll need to make an educated, informed decision on your new installation, and buy with confidence. Get the facts, and have what you need to confidently work with your contractor. Start using the program today!

This Easy To Use Program Provides Important Tips

  1. Save money, and let us calculate the fair price for your specific furnace and AC installation.
  2. Use our state-of-the-art AC & furnace price-selector. Choose from hundreds of furnaces and air conditioners, and view the actual contractor pricing for major brand units from: Lennox, Carrier, Amana, American Standard, Trane, York, Rheem, and more. Or, have us choose a recommended unit for you!
  3. Become an insider, and get the information needed to help you avoid the scams, tricks and traps of dishonest or predatory contractors.
  4. See what contractors will actually pay for your specific equipment.
  5. Get a full price breakdown of your job, including: labor rates, estimated time for completion, parts & equipment, and more.
  6. Get calculated profit margins for your individual project at various bid prices, and see how much contractors will be making off of you.
  7. Only available to our users, get ASM’s recommendations for your project, and have us create a customized system just for you.
  8. Have recommended air conditioner and furnace sizes calculated for you.
  9. Get the recommended SEER and AFUE values for your area.
  10. Limited-time offer: get our exclusive Contractor Negotiation Guide to explain and help you properly use this information to get the best price.

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11 reviews for HVAC Design & Consultation Program

Kathleen Hassall (verified owner)
16:49, 19 July 2017
I want to let you know how grateful I am for all I learned from ASM. I see now how effectively it armed me to travel safely in a dangerous field. After I finished my online consult, we went to Home Advisor and asked specifically for estimates on the brand and sizes your program recommended. (There's no contractor within 100 miles of us offering Day & Night, so we asked for estimates on Daikin units.) Within minutes of our posting, we got a call from a company claiming to handle all brands. Guy from this company came out in a heartbeat to do an estimate. Told me I didn't want Daikin because Carrier leaves Daikin in the dust. Told me my builder had tried to save money by installing units smaller than I need (though those units kept this house perfectly comfortable for 14 years. Told me my 2.5 ton unit needed to be replaced with a 3 ton, my 1.5 ton with a 2 ton. Quoted me a price more than $4500 above the high fair price calculated by ASM. Then stood in my living room, where it was 91 degrees, and told me if I signed on the spot he could have me air conditioned the very next day. Only the ASM consultation saved me from this guy--and from two other lesser weasels, all apparently counting on my having no idea what I needed or how much it ought to cost. ONLY because of your program, I knew the lowest estimate I got was actually scary low--and I persisted until I had two estimates solidly in line with the fair/high fair cost your software calculated. It's 89.4 degrees in here as I write this (install won't start till Wednesday)--but my personal comfort level, at least with this decision, is high. I can't thank you enough. You are equipping lambs to deal with wolves. Long may you wave! ps. I am struck by the fact that ASM is veteran-run, and here people who have already sacrificed in service continue to protect others. You are a worthy organization in every sense, and I wish you all success.
Timothy Kautz
19:42, 19 July 2017
You are so welcome and thank you for the kind words! We are glad it helped; that's what we designed it for! Good luck on your project! Kind regards, The ASM Team
Barry Kaufman (verified owner)
17:39, 16 July 2017
Provides very good information with straightforward wizard approach for evaluating the multiple bids received for new AC / furnace units without any vendor bias. Particularly helpful on assessing the equipment price relative to installer overhead and profit. Markedly shortened my learning curve time so feel like I didn't pay enough for the Silver version of the software relative to value provided by your product. Thank you for ancillary blog info on SEER variable in scoping decision.
Chuck Savadelis (verified owner)
08:04, 13 July 2017
The HVAC Design and Consultation Program was a delight to use and has provided me with great information, useful suggestions and clear explanations of the issues involved in purchasing a new central AC system and hiring a skilled HVAC contractor. In addition, when I had some questions regarding the program's recommendations versus some bids I had already received, Tim responded generously with his time & expertise.
Timothy Kautz
08:12, 13 July 2017
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, Chuck, and have a good one!
William Pennie (verified owner)
09:58, 03 July 2017
I was very pleased with your report. I may have missed an opportunity to describe my house in more detail. I live in a twin split level home that is stick frame construction and has a "salt box" profile. The common wall with my neighbor is on the west side of my half of the structure. I suppose this common wall would be counted as insulation or shaded side. This additional information may have had an effect on your calculations. Maybe you could view a future customers house on GOOGLE maps. This could be part of your premium offer because it would require human labor rather than an automated reply. A confidential recommendation for a local contractor/installer would also be helpful if it did not expose you to lawsuits. Philadelphia has more lawyers per square inch than any place on earth. Thanks for you valuable service. William Pennie
Timothy Kautz
07:16, 04 July 2017
I William! Thanks for the feedback! Although we haven't really thought about using Google maps, we do have some ideas for fine-tuning the program for more complicated layouts like yours in future versions. That being said, your results should still be pretty accurate. Love Philly, by the way...even if it is crawling with lawyers! Good luck on your project! Kind regards, Tim ASM
Glenn Galen (verified owner)
16:35, 16 June 2017
Knowing what the contractor costs are and his fair markup are so valuable. An excellent service and program, well worth the very modest price. What do you spend at McDonalds for a family of four? And for even less cost this can save you hundreds or even a few thousand dollars. Well worth it.
Susan Hearold (verified owner)
09:48, 19 May 2017
Useful and worth the cost, but also annoying because the information about your house has to be reentered every time. House information (eg, square footage) doesn't change. Please, let user enter once and keep. Even better, let user create house one, house two etc changing, for example, whether duct work is done or not. Also, don't need the backup info repeated each time I run the program. It doesn't change. Get it once, or let user opt out on subsequent runs. Would like additional info on how much difference each variable makes. For example, my house is 1200 sq feet, which is at the cut point between two choices. Changing between the two altered whether 2.5 or 3 ton unit was recommended. I did not know my r rating. How much effect does r rating have on recommendation? I could run the program numerous times and find out, but got tired of reentering all the basic info each time. Overall, a good first start on the software, but would be enhanced with trend line results verses a static answer, eg, change the SEER rating up or down and see impact on cost and energy savings for a particular brand product and home configuation. Or change the one stage to two stage or variable stage and look at reliability. Best item is estimate of expected local cost. That gave me a place to start in judging reasonableness of bids.
Timothy Kautz
17:44, 20 May 2017
Hello Susan! Thanks for taking the time to give us this valuable feedback! Our version 1.2 will have many of the options you requested, but we actually hadn't thought of an option to alter SEER values and see it effect the price in real time. We will definitely send that to our development team to see how we could go about doing so, so thank you. We are also incorporating a "quick look-up" option in subsequent versions for people such as yourself, who would like to quickly look up and compare multiple different units at the same time, without having to see all of the other information again. Thanks again, and good luck on your project! Kind regards, The ASM Team
James Kilduff (verified owner)
16:37, 03 May 2017
Easy to use and provides lot's of useful information. I like the feature that allows you to pick a particular model; you can then see how the model/manufacturer affects the cost (the impact is significant). This feature could be refined by automatically choosing the most appropriate unit from among several of the top manufacturers and providing the range of costs in the final report.
Timothy Kautz
17:52, 03 May 2017
Hi James! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Also, we'd like to thank you for your feedback. To follow up with you, we have plans to do just that with our second version. Thanks again, and good luck on your project! Kind regards, The ASM Team
Mike Petty (verified owner)
20:21, 30 April 2017
The program is absolutely fantastic and the customer service provided by Tim and his team is the best I've ever encountered! Their website is a wealth of knowledge that will arm you with the facts you need to select the brand and features you want. You then use the program to identify the specific model and alternatives to meet your needs. And most importantly, it then gives you the contractors' costs so that you can negotiate your purchase from a position of strength. Unfortunately, in my case, my house is of an age and construction type that the program didn't allow me to enter the constraints that my property presented. I have three stories with the duct work running between the floors and ceilings which makes it cost prohibitive to replace or upgrade. The program kept recommending larger units than my duct work could accommodate. My recommendation is to add a feature to the program that allows the purchaser to enter a brand, size, and features that would then provide the costing details, I realize that my situation is highly unusual but there probably are others like me that are outside the norm. Even so, this remains a great product!
Timothy Kautz
06:29, 01 May 2017
Hi Mike! Thanks for taking the time to write us a review, and I'm sorry that the program wasn't a good match for you! We have refunded your money and it should post in the next few days. We have also received feedback from other users that requested the same features (a little more customized selectability) as you have, so we will be incorporating that into version 1.2! Take care, and good luck on your project! Warm regards, The ASM Team
Lawrence Orlick (verified owner)
12:48, 28 April 2017
Top Notch. Worth a few bucks that end up saving you hundreds if not a thousand or more. They know the equipment and what will work and save you many $$$$. If not listed in the program, just email and ask. Quick reply with accurate prices. Wish these guys did installs in my part of the country. Honest and fair pricing.
Jeff Graber (verified owner)
12:12, 20 April 2017
This program will tell you more than you'll ever find out from your local contractor. If you want to make smart decisions about these big-ticket items, I highly recommend it. It's a fantastic way to learn what you're getting into before someone shows up to try to sell you something.
(verified owner)
18:30, 19 April 2017
All I can say is...WOW. After spending days researching information for our new air conditioner, we didn't even come close to the information that was in one page of the report we got from this. Plus, we had a question and emailed them, and got a personal response an hour later. $20 well spent. Thanks guys!

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