Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?  Here's How to Tell

Do I Need a New Air Conditioner? Here's How to Tell

When friends and family find out that I own an air conditioning business, I find that they often ask me the question, “Do I need a new air conditioner?”  The answer I give them is pretty simple, and the analogy I use is the human heart.  People often notice signs of cardiac distress long before they actually have a heart attack; your air conditioning system is the same way.  It is a closed system that functions for long periods of time with little or no maintenance.  Furthermore, just like your heart, your system will rarely fail without first giving you signs that it isn’t functioning properly.  In short, stop worrying about it.  What is more important is that you understand the tell-tale signs of a failing system so that you can be prepared and start saving the necessary money.

How old is your air conditioning and heating unit? Do I need a new air conditioner?

do I need a new air conditioner

Do I need a new AC?

First is age.  Just as with your heart, some air conditioners last longer than others, but as a general rule, the older your system gets the more care must be taken to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning properly.  As a general rule, a system is considered “old” if it is in the 10-15 year range, as this is when we start to see some of the most common problems manifest themselves.  For a furnace or boiler, it’s not usually until the 15 year mark.  Again, these are just rules-of-thumb and in no way should be taken literally.  I have seen systems that are 30-years old still going strong, but as we start to replace these older units, the incidence of seeing such a relic goes even further down.

Signs of an aging air conditioner:

-If you find that your air conditioning unit has to be frequently serviced, then it is likely getting older and you may need a new one.

-If you notice that your utility bills are gradually getting higher, then this is also a common sign of an aging unit. Also see our article on “How to lower your electric bill.”

-Do certain rooms in your house seem too hot or too cold?  Again, a common sign that your air conditioner is no longer functioning properly.

-Are you having problems with humidity in your home?

-Is your home collecting excessive dust?

These are all signs of an aging air conditioning system, so keep an eye out and start budgeting in case you do need a new air conditioner sometime soon.

If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to call us at ASM Air Conditioning and Heating.  We service all of Southern California including the greater Los Angeles area and would be happy to assist you with any of your HVAC needs.

Still have questions about HVAC installation and servicing?  Energy Star is another great resource to take a look at: Energy Star


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