ASM’s Review of Amana Heating and Air Conditioning – Recommend.

All Systems Mechanical is licensed to install all major HVAC brands, including Amana Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.  Amana is a reliable and sturdy brand that has a moderate price-point.  Oddly enough, Amana also manufactures Goodman, one of our favorite air conditioning supply companies.

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History of Amana Heating and Air Conditioning Products

Amana was founded in 1934 by George Foerstner in Amana, Iowa which is where they owe their namesake.  Amana got its start as a manufacturer of walk-in beverage coolers, cold-storage lockers and commercial-grade refrigerators.  Their notable accomplishments include the Army-Navy “E” Award for excellence due to their aid in World War 2, where they manufactured the cold-storage lockers used by the U.S. Army and Navy during the war effort.  Later, they would become known for their vast line of heating and cooling products, including air conditioners, heaters and furnaces.

Pros and Cons of Amana Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Amana Pros

  1. Reliability – Amana has a long line of reliable service.  Negative reviews are, in fact, typically a result of improper installation.  Unfortunately, this usually gets blamed on the manufacturer instead of the HVAC contractor.
  2. Durability – Amana has a long service life – typically 15 years.

Amana Cons

  1. Price – Amana is far from the cost of Carrier and Lennox, but it also manufactures a more reasonably priced line of products under the name of Goodman.

Again, spend some time looking at Amana heating and air conditioning and see if they are right for you.  At the end of the day, they are reliable and durable, but you can find comparable products from the same manufacturer for a more reasonable price.  Some thought should also be put into which HVAC contractor you use, so do some research on them – who you get to install your heating and air conditioning system is actually more important than which brand you choose.  More information on how to choose a contractor in your area can be found under: How to Choose an HVAC Contractor.  All Systems Mechanical is based in Southern California, and if you’re in our area, we’d be happy to help you further in any way that we can: