ASM’s Review of Day and Night Air Conditioning and Heating: Recommend.

All Systems Mechanical is licensed to install all major HVAC equipment brands, including the Day and Night air conditioning and heating equipment company.  Day and Night sometimes has a bit of a bad rap online, which I disagree with, but keep in mind that this is based on online reviews that are often times a result of improper installation, not the product itself.  Since it is a lesser known company than the big-wigs like Carrier and Amana, they just don’t have the marketing power to overcome some of the bad reviews.  That being said, Day and Night is actually owned by the same parent company as Carrier, United Technologies, and can be thought of as a more affordable version of Carrier (as in several thousand more affordable).  Remember, to get on my high horse for a moment, that who you choose to install you heating and air conditioning system is far more important than the equipment that you choose.  I’ve seen Carrier units break down after two years due to improper installation, and Day and Night air conditioning units that are 22 years old.  Modern HVAC units are all pretty comparable, and many even use the same internal components, manufactured by the same coil manufacturing company, Aspen Coils.  Here are some things to keep in mind about Day and Night air conditioning and heating equipment.

 day and night air conditioning and heating

Day and Night Air Conditioning and Furnace Product Lines

Day and Night has three product lines for their air conditioners and heaters:

  1. Constant Comfort Deluxe – Day and Night’s premier line with all the bells and whistles.
  2. Constant Comfort – Middle of the road equipment.
  3. PerformanceASM’s recommendation.  It’s a base model, but solid, reliable, and with only the most important bells and whistles.

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With most HVAC companies, we typically recommend their mid-line equipment, as it usually offers the reliability of the low-end equipment without the gadgets that are prone to breaking from the high-end equipment.  With Day and Night, however, we have found their base-model to be absolutely fantastic.  It is reliable, has all the functions that you need for a complete heating and air conditioning system, and is more affordable than the other lines.

Pros and Cons of Day and Night Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment


  1. Reliable.
  2. Price is very attractive, despite quality materials.
  3. Slim-line series – Day and Night has a slim-line that includes specially-sized equipment to fit into tight attics.  A very nice feature.
  4. Great customer service.


  1. Reputation – despite being Carrier’s little cousin and using many of the same internal components, Day and Night struggles with their reputation which might be an issue for some people.  That being said, we are a big fan and think they are highly undervalued.

More information on Day and Night air conditioning and heating products can be found under: Day and Night Review.  At ASM, we have built our reputation on honesty and quality workmanship.  Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have, and take a look at our service area below.