Day and Night Furnace Prices - Is There Good Value in Day and Night Furnaces?

Day and Night Furnace Prices - Is There Good Value in Day and Night Furnaces?

People often ask us about furnace prices, and I tell them that a good price depends on what exactly it is that you are getting for that price.  Today we will be discussing Day and Night furnace prices.  Those of you who have read our articles, know that we are a small, U.S. Veteran-Owned heating and air conditioning company located in Southern California, and have built our reputation on giving honest, straight answers to peoples’ questions – today will be no different.  There are several factors that affect Day and Night furnace prices, including your location, the AFUE rating of the furnace you are purchasing, average installation costs for your area, taxes (ahem…California), and a variety of other reasons.  In this article, we will examine Day and Night furnace prices using ASM’s own price-value index (i.e. examine what value is taken from the furnace prices – is it worth the money?), show you the furnace prices for some of the more common Day and Night furnace models, and finally, the average Day and Night furnace cost of installation.



Day and Night Furnace PricesDay and Night Furnace Prices – Information About Day and Night

Before we look at our Day and Night furnace price list, let’s discuss Day and Night for a moment.  Some of you may have heard of Day and Night furnaces, but most of you probably haven’t.  Day and Night (aka “Day & Night”) is a heating and air conditioning manufacturer that provides a wide range of furnaces, ranging from base-model 80% AFUE models, to 98% AFUE high-efficiency models.  What you probably don’t know, whether you’ve heard of them, or not, is that they are manufactured by the same company that makes a product that you likely know very well – Carrier Furnaces.

Both Carrier and Day and Night are manufactured by United Technologies, using most of the same internal components.  In fact, United Technologies manufactures many of the big name furnace brands that you’ve probably heard of, including: Carrier, Bryant, Day and Night and Payne.

Oddly enough, however, it was an industry secret that up until five or six years ago, if you purchased one of these brands, the same exact furnace would come for each one, and in the box would be four different name-plates; one for each brand.  We, the contractor, would actually install the name-plate on-site!  It’s kind of funny, because we used to just ask our customers which name they wanted and put the name-plate on the furnace right in front of them.  We’d charge them the same fair price for all four brands, instead of marking up the price for Carrier and Bryant – it used to tick off our competitors something awful…but, I digress.  The point is that Day and Night furnaces are high quality, and manufactured in the same way as Carrier furnaces, at a fraction of the price.  Features include:

  • High efficiency furnaces up to 98% AFUE – AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and is a direct measure of how much fuel your furnace transfers into your house as heat.  98% AFUE means that 98% of the fuel used heats your home, and 2% is wasted up the flue.
  • Three models: Performance (base model), Constant Comfort (Mid-range model), and Constant Comfort Deluxe (High-end models).
  • 20-year warranty on furnace heat exchangers, and a lifetime warranty on the high-end models.
  • Available two-stage, variable-speed, and modulating technology.

It is important to note, that we are licensed to install all major furnace brands, and we do not have loyalty to any one brand.  This article is completely unbiased and we gain nothing from recommending one brand over another – it is just our honest evaluation of their equipment.  This philosophy is one of the foundations of our business.  If you’d like to learn more about Day and Night before moving on to our Day and Night furnace prices, these articles might help:

Day and Night Furnace Price Value Index

I know that you are all interested in Day and Night furnace prices, but hold on a minute, sparky…what exactly is a price?  A price is just an arbitrary value and means nothing.  I can sell you a new furnace for $20,000, but it doesn’t mean that it is worth that much.  So what does a price tell us?  Is the price of a Day and Night furnace justified?  Is their adequate value in the Day and Night furnace prices?

We at All Systems Mechanical sat down and crunched the numbers.  We looked at several aspects of Day and Night furnaces, including price by location, average cost of installation, technology available, AFUE ratings (i.e. as AFUE goes up, does the price go up fairly?  Or are high-efficiency Day and Night furnaces more expensive than the comparable furnaces made by their competitors?), and a variety of other factors.  We then compared them to other major furnace brands to see where they broke out.  Let’s take a look at how Day and Night furnaces did on our price value scale.

The Results – Day and Night Furnace Price Value Index

Day and Night furnace prices broke out very well in the industry, competing mostly with lower-end names such as Payne and Rheem, but delivering substantially greater value for the same price, no doubt in part to the fact that they were made by United Technologies.  Take a look at the Day and Night price value index:

Day and Night Furnace Price Value Scale

Day and Night Price Value Scale – Index 0.42

Day and Night Price Value Analysis

So what does the Day and Night furnace price value actually mean?  As you can see, Day and Night furnaces had a price value of 0.42, with 1.0 being considered a fair price value.  What this means is that Day and Night furnace prices break out equal or lower than their competitors, but that they deliver significantly greater value-per-dollar with their furnace products.

Think of it this way, since most of you know that I like cars; a Porsche 911 costs more than a Ford Mustang – that makes sense, right?  It’s faster, more maneuverable and generally a superior car.  But if Porsche made a new car, under a different name, and delivered a car that was comparable to a Porsche, only it cost exactly the same amount as a Ford Mustang, would there be value in that?  Of course there would – no contest.  Think of Day and Night furnace prices as doing the exact same thing – you are buying the technology and quality of a Carrier furnace, at a fraction of the price.  That’s terrific value to our customers, and that’s exactly why we are a big fan of Day and Night furnaces.

Want to see how other brands broke out?  Here are some articles to get you started:


Day and Night Furnace Price WarrantyDay and Night Furnace Prices – The Numbers

I know what you are all here for – you want to know the Day and Night furnace prices of all the different models.  This, unfortunately, is impossible.  It would be a list that is way too long for an article, and the search engines wouldn’t like us very much.

Think about it…there are 10 Day and Night gas furnaces alone, let along their package units and oil furnaces.  Each of these, in turn, has 5-7 different sizes, all of which have a different price.  So, today we will pick a couple of the more popular Day and Night furnace prices and go from there.

1. Day and Night Performance Series 80% AFUE, N8MSL, Single-Stage Gas Furnace – 66,000 BTU Size

Wholesale Contractor Price: $410.47

This furnace is a workhorse of the industry, and if you live in warmer climate like Southern California, this is the right choice for you.  To be honest, this furnace is what we install in a majority of our homes that select Day and Night as their brand.  We install all makes and models, but as of this year, Day and Night is the top of our list if the customer doesn’t have a preference.  They are solid, reliable, and to this date, we’ve never had a problem with them.  Features include:

  • Single-Stage Operation – this means that it has one row of burners, so it is either ON, or OFF.  Later, you will see a furnace with two rows of burners.
  • 80% AFUE – this means that 80% of the fuel used is transferred as heat for your home, and 20% is wasted up the flue (100% efficiency is, of course, impossible due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Carnot Limit).
  • 20-Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger – one of the best in the business for a base-model furnace.
  • 66,000 BTU – this is the size of your furnace, or the heating capacity.  Your specific furnace will need to be sized properly for your house.


2. Day and Night Constant Comfort Series, 96% AFUE, G9MXT, Two-Stage Gas Furnace – 40,000 BTU Size

Day and Night Furnace Prices - G9MXT

Wholesale Contractor Price: $1,104.16

This second furnace is for you Northerners up there in Montana, Michigan, and Caaaanada.  It provides the same comfort and reliability as the 80% AFUE furnace listed above, but also provides 96% AFUE in efficiency, wasting only 4% of the fuel consumed.  It is significantly more expensive, but if you live in a cold weather climate, it is well worth the investment.  If I lived in Montana, which I someday hope to do, this is the furnace I would choose.  Features include:

  • Two-Stage Operation – this means that it is kind of like two smaller furnaces working as a team – if it is chilly out, only one of the stages is operating.  If it gets really cold, the second stage kicks on, and both work together to heat your house.  This is part of the way that they can increase the efficiency of your furnace.
  • 96% AFUE – 96% of your fuel directly heats your home.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Your Heat Exchanger – one of the best in the industry.
  • 40,000 BTU Size.

Would You Purchase a New Car or Truck Without Checking What a Fair Price Would Be?

Sure hope not.  But that’s what a lot of people do when they buy a new air conditioner or furnace.  They have a couple contractors come over, give them bids, and go with what they think is fair.  Unfortunately, that’s also how a lot of people end of paying $1,300 more than they should have.  So, we designed a program to help keep this from happening to you guys; it’s kind of like Kelly Blue Book for furnaces and air conditioners.  Here’s a short video if you’d like more information:



Day and Night Furnace Prices – Cost of Furnace Installation

The Day and Night furnace prices are only one part of the whole story.  Next you have to look at the cost of installation.  If you want to know all of the prices that will go into your installation, based on your location, including what a fair price would be and what the contractors will be making off of you at these price ranges, consider using our Home HVAC Design and Consultation Program.

Take a look at the graph below from Homeadvisor.  According to the data they have recorded, the average price of a furnace installation nationally is around $3,925.00, with an average price range of between $2,250 and $5,575.  This data, however, only tells part of the story – it does not, for instance, tell us a Day and Night furnace cost of installation, and it is based on a national average.  Furnaces in California will be a lot more expensive to install than a furnace Bozeman, Montana due to over-regulation, taxes, etc.

Day and Night Furnace Price Cost of Installation Graph

Average Furnace Installation Cost Graph

Average Day and Night Furnace Installation Cost

When you factor in the price difference between brands, and isolate Day and Night (as we had to for our price value index), Day and Night furnaces gain a significant advantage over much of their competition.

  • The average Day and Night furnace installation cost is: $2,323.
  • This price is 41% lower than the average installation price composed of all brands nationally.

Before you invest in a new furnace, make sure that you did all the troubleshooting that you could on your old furnace – these articles will get you started:

Don’t Overpay for Your New Furnace:


Final Thoughts on Day and Night Furnace Prices

In the end, what is important is that you are happy.  You have to live with your furnace, not me.  Today we looked at Day and Night furnace prices, including a detailed analysis of our Day and Night furnace price value index, and found that compared to competitors, Day and Night has a terrific value to customers.  They offer top-end technology and workmanship, at an affordable price to the consumer.  Good luck on your project, and I hope this helped!

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