ASM’s Review of Honeywell Thermostats: Recommend.

All Systems Mechanical is licensed to install all major brands of HVAC equipment, including Honeywell thermostats and control products.  In fact, Honeywell is one of our favorite companies and we use them regularly for their simplicity and reliability.  After all, who really needs a thermostat that makes you coffee in the morning?

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How Honeywell Thermostats Was Started.

Honeywell thermostats got its start in 1885 when an inventor named Albert Butz patented a furnace regulator and alarm, followed closely by the “damper flapper;” a device that worked very much like a modern thermostat.  Since this invention, the company went through many names and subsequent acquisitions, including: The Butz Thermo-E”lectric Regulator Co., The Consolidated Temperature Controlling Co., The Electric Heat Regulator Co., and The Minneapolis Heat Regulator Co.  In 1904, Mark Honeywell, for whom the company owes its name, joined the team as a promising young engineer.  However, it wouldn’t be until 1963 that the company would officially change its name to “Honeywell.”

Notable claims to fame for Honeywell include helping the U.S. Astronaut Program land on the moon, and the iconic T-86 “round” thermostat that started the modern era of in-home thermostats.

ASM’s Favorite Honeywell Products.

honeywell thermostats by all systems mechanical

Honeywell T-9000 Series Thermostat

  1. Honeywell T-6000 Series Thermostats.  This is the workhorse of our company, and we have never had an issue with them.  Simple, effective and reliable.  There is also a nice Wifi version that allows you to control it from anywhere in the world on your smart-phone.
  2. Honeywell T-9000 Series Thermostats.  The pinnacle of thermostats.  With a fully interactive touch-screen display, the T-9000 series thermostats do everything, from Wifi capability, to programmable scheduling, to custom backgrounds.

There is a Honeywell thermostat for almost any application – above are just a couple of our favorites.  Although Honeywell Thermostats aren’t the only game in town, they are certainly near the top of our list for their features and reliability.  Plus, they are relatively affordable; something to put on your list.  ASM can customize a system that’s right for you, from top to bottom; including the thermostat you’d like.  Call today for a FREE in-home price-quote, and find out exactly what the system of your dreams would cost.  See if you are in our service area: