3 Reasons NOT to Use an Online HVAC Installation Price Calculator

3 Reasons NOT to Use an Online HVAC Installation Price Calculator

Those of you that have read our articles know that we are a U.S. Veteran-Owned, commercial and residential HVAC company with service locations throughout Southern California.  We are often asked questions about our online HVAC installation price calculator – The HVAC Design & Consultation Program – so with sarcasm and marginal wit as our guides, we’ll take a look at three reasons you shouldn’t use it.  For those of you who have been in the business world, you know that customers know everything, and without a doubt, have a 100% success rate of making accurate, well-informed decisions.  They never call up a contractor at 2am, asking for emergency service on their furnace, or ask the same question three times in a row.  As such, today I will delve into the deeper depths of my sarcasm, and dig-up three reasons why you shouldn’t use our online installation price calculator before dealing with local contractors (for those who are unfamiliar with, or detest sarcasm…this article is not for you).

1. You Like to Overpay for Your Equipment…Who Needs an Online HVAC Installation Price Calculator?

What’s a few hundred dollars between friends?  Why would you pay $6,500 for a new heating and air conditioning system installation when you can pay $8,000?  The more you pay for an air conditioning and heating system, the better it must be.  Besides, you’re made of money, so what’s the difference?  Trust me…you definitely don’t need an online HVAC installation price calculator…you’ll get a fair price just because you’re you.  After all, you’re special.  Don’t believe, me?  Here’s a short video of a guy who did’t listen:


The problem is, in all seriousness, that no one seems to know what a fair price is for a new airconditioner installation, least of all, contractors.  And when you are running a business, you don’t want to lose money on a job, so overbid it if you can to reduce the risk.

Online HVAC installation price calculator - Page 2 of 12Unfortunately, as odd as this may seem, it is very common in the HVAC industry, especially with newer companies.  We are taught how to bid jobs when applying for our state contractor’s license, but the problem is, as with all state-regulated programs, the data is inaccurate.  I’m sorry, inaccurate is mildly understating it…let’s just say that the people who work for the state contractor’s board are special types of people, and may not actually know something about the HVAC industry.  For reference, imagine the DMV…if the DMV had absolutely no motivation whatsoever to meet even the marginal expectations set for them (if you work for the DMV, then I’m sorry…I’m joking…and yes, I was the guy giving you the dirty look for taking too long).

So, unless you have a mentor to help you learn, you’ll need to figure it out as you go along, and you don’t want to underbid…so bid high!

Take a look at this article to see fair prices:

2. You Already Know Everything…You Don’t Need an Online HVAC Installation Price Calculator.

I knew you in high school…and I knew you in college too…you’re the guy who knows everything.  You know what the fair price for a new air conditioner installation would be, and you even know the actual contractor pricing of HVAC equipment from major brands like Lennox, Carrier, and Trane.  The questions is not whether or not you need to use our online HVAC installation price calculator, it’s why aren’t you working for us?

Our online HVAC installation price calculator includes the following information (but then, you already knew that, didn’t you?):

  • Actual contractor prices for equipment from major brands like Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Bryant, American Standard, Amana, and more.
  • Have the fair price for your actual HVAC installation project calculated for you.
  • Get a full price breakdown for your specific home and area, including: labor rates for your area, itemized expenses, equipment prices, and more.
  • Save money, and see optimal SEER and AFUE values for your area.
  • Get sizing information for your AC and furnace.
  • Learn how to get the best price on your new HVAC installation, guaranteed.
  • Much, much more…here’s a short video describing it in more detail:




3. Contractors Are Known for Being Honest, Morally-Upstanding Individuals…There’s No Need to Know What a Fair HVAC Installation Price Is.

If you need someone to watch your newborn, to entrust with the combination to your Field & Stream safe, or just to watch your home for you while you’re out of town, then naturally you’d call your local HVAC contractor.  After all, if you can’t trust a contractor, who can you trust?

Look, in all seriousness, there are a lot of trustworthy contractors out there.  The problem is, the sketchy ones are also really good at sounding legitimate, so how do you know who the good contractors are when you meet them?  Answer: by being prepared with the information you need to know.  That’s why we created this blog (and so you’d stop calling us with stupid questions).  You can get all of the information you need to know from our online calculator, The HVAC Design & Consultation Program.  For more on our calculator (without the sarcastic jabs), try this article:

Online HVAC installation price calculator excerpt

Excerpt from HVAC Design & Consultation Program – Page 3 of 12

Also try:

Final Thoughts on Using an Online HVAC Installation Price Calculator

First, thanks for sticking with me on this one.  I spend so much time avoiding the expression of my inner Irish sarcasm while writing these articles, and one of our long-time readers actually asked me to let loose…so there you have it…well, there you have the G-rated version.  Look, if you don’t already know everything, or you don’t want to overpay for your new HVAC installation, consider using our online HVAC installation price calculator.  You’ll be happy you did, and it has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee…unless I don’t like you (joking).  After this article, it’s back to the usual, serious articles, but feel free to write in with further requests…I’ll probably ignore them, but it’ll at least give you something to do.


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