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What is the HVAC Design and Consultation Program?

People often ask: what is a fair price for a new furnace or air conditioner installation? How much are they marking-up the equipment, and how much money will a contractor be making off of me? Is everything they are telling me true?

While these are all questions that consumers ask themselves while shopping for a new heating and air conditioning system, no one seems to answer them; we do. The HVAC Design and Consultation Program is designed to provide customers with the critical, insider-information required to make an educated decision on their home heating and air conditioning project.

Shopping sites like Angie’s List and Homeadvisor serve as middle-men, getting you in-touch with local contractors, but how do you know that what these contractors are telling you is true, or that the prices they are charging are fair? At ASM, we work for you, the consumer.

You'll spend about 10 or 15-minutes filling out automated questions about your home, and the area you live in. Our adaptive software will custom tailor these questions, and ask you any other questions deemed pertinent to your heating or air conditioning project. Then, the program will provide you with a customized report for your project, including information on fair prices for your specific project, what contractors actually pay for your equipment, a price-breakdown, as well as other pertinent information.

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