Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the HVAC Design and Consultation Program different from other sites?

Unlike shopping sites like Angie's List, Thumbtack, and HomeAdvisor which act as a middle-man, putting you in contact with local contractors, our HVAC Design and Consultation Program works for you - the consumer.

We are not advertisers, marketers, or website designers - we are licensed HVAC contractors - and we know the heating and air conditioning industry. We are consulted on major HVAC projects by companies from all around the country, and have now used our over 25-years of experience in the industry to develop a revolutionary program that will help educate you on how to make the best decisions for your heating or air conditioning project.

We spent 1,000’s of man-hours designing a comprehensive program that empowers you with the insider information required to choose a trustworthy contractor, design the right system for your needs, and show you what you should be paying for your individual heating or air conditioning project...without getting ripped-off.

With our HVAC Design and Consultation Program, you’ll spend around 10 to 15-minutes answering custom-tailored questions that will provide you with a consultation report for your specific project.

Think about it...spending just 10-minutes online could save you thousands of dollars on your new heating and air conditioning project. Are you paying too much?

Last Updated 4 years ago