Frequently Asked Questions

Should we purchase an air conditioner or furnace maintenance plan?

Absolutely not. In fact, we don't even offer them.

The reason for this is don't need one. Despite what others might insist, modern heating and air conditioning units do not need to be serviced that often. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, for a 10-15 year lifespan.

That being said, there are some regular maintenance routines that should be performed, but there is no reason to spend your hard-earned cash to get an HVAC contractor to do it! You can do it all yourself!

The most important preventative maintenance procedure that needs to be performed, is to replace your air filter (with a high-quality filter) every three months.

For our guide on how to maintain your own heating and air conditioning system, take a look at this article:
ASM's Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

Last Updated 4 years ago