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There was no recommended size or price displayed for my selected brand on my Final Report; what do I do?

This happens for only one reason: you selected a brand, but not a model!

When you select a specific brand for question 9, you must then wait 5-seconds for the remaining drop-downs to populate with all of the air conditioners and furnaces that will match the size requirements of your specific project.

If you don't wait the required 5-seconds, or you attempt to select a unit before the program has finished, you will disturb the population process, and must start the program over again.

Steps to resolve:

1. Start the program from the beginning.
2. Select "Yes" for question 9.
3. Select your desired brand.
4. Wait 5-seconds.
5. Then, select your desired models from the drop-downs below, and continue the program.

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Last Updated 4 years ago