Frequently Asked Questions

Who is right for the HVAC Design and Consultation Program?

Our HVAC Design and Consultation Program is designed for people who are in the process of shopping for a new central heating or air conditioning system (“HVAC system”) for their home.

We recommend that people use our program if they plan on purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace within the next three or four months.

If used before then, the pricing information and estimates may be dated by the time you get around to purchasing your new system.

Additionally, this program is specifically designed for:

  • Central heating and air conditioning systems only (i.e. you have ductwork, a split-system, or a packaged system) - window and ductless systems are NOT addressed by this program.
  • Home and light-commercial heating and air conditioning systems only - heavy commercial and industrial HVAC applications are not addressed by this program.
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